“Every day, students have mentioned something from your presentation that has impacted them. Even the teachers have been pulling highlights. It was so powerful! And our book club was so inspired by you, one read "Georgia Rules" in just four days, another is reading "Pippi Longstocking" and another picked up "My Side of the Mountain". And Emma decided to start working on her first novel and she is "puking up words" in her notebook!” - Julia Tyser Library/Media Specialist Laramie, WY

“Nanci Turner Steveson presents a fabulous writing workshop to middle grade students. She connects with them immediately, engages them with movement and dance, and shares her own writing experience in a way that children can understand. After Nanci's workshop, my students were excited about writing and better understood how authors get ideas and develop meaningful stories and characters." - Kathy Bjornstead, Sundance Elementary School Librarian

Now booking visits for Spring and Fall 2019 to coincide with the publication of Lizzie Flying Solo, April 2019 from HarperCollins.

* Visits within 60 miles of Jackson, WY (which includes Eastern Idaho): $400/day for three one-hour sessions, plus student lunch with the author and book signing.

* Visits in Wyoming outside the 60 mile radius of Wilson, WY: $750/day plus travel (discount given to schools who book multiple days, which can be combined with other schools in the area)

* Out of state: $900 (plus travel) for full day which includes up to four sessions, plus student lunch with the author, and book signing. This cost can be split between two schools for half day visits on the same day within a 20 minute drive of each other.

* Skype visits: $125 for 45-60 minute presentation to include workshop, Q&A, and bookmarks mailed after the event.

* 20 minute Skype Q&A for classes that have read one of my books are FREE. Limited availability so please book in advance.

For specific information about availability, please contact me through the Contact Page. I look forward to hearing from you!


Author visits

Most of my adult life I have taught children in one capacity or another, from learning how to ride a horse, to acting onstage, to creating an original story and turning it into a play. Teaching kids in schools and libraries, and working with adult writers at conferences across the country, are some of the things I love to do the most. This is reflected in my programs which are energetic and interactive, and will light up the creativity in even the most reluctant students. Using my theatre background, I have everyone up on their feet engaging in activities that make them think about writing in a whole new way. My programs include:

* Captivating Faces (where we find our characters);

* Breathing Life Into a Setting;

* Trigger the Hidden Creative Muse;

* Revision Fun and Sculpting with PlayDo.

Presentations include a Q&A at the end where no questions is a silly question, plus an after-visit professional discussion guide which follows Common Core State Standards for English Language and includes: Discussion Overview for Georgia Rules; Character Analysis Activity; Figurative Language Lesson; Readers Theatre Script, plus a Teacher’s Discussion Guide for Swing Sideways.

It is always my goal to be completely open and honest with anyone I teach, and I encourage questions about the themes in my books such as homelessness, eating disorders, incarcerated parents, same-gender parents, loss of a friend, and of course anything about ponies. Some of these themes I have personal experience with, but those I do not I hope to encourage kids to explore and understand so they can take an active part in helping us build a world with more empathy.

Creative ways to fund bringing an author to your school:

* Combine visits with another close by school.

* Crowdfunding is a popular way to raise money through organizations such as donorschoose.org. I give monthly to this for teachers who want to raise money for books and author visits to enhance their students experience.

* Most states have artist grants available. Check with your state library and speak to whomever is the school library consultant. 

* Buy copies of an author's books in bulk and sell before or during the visit and use the profits to fund the visit.

* Local public libraries often have funding available to bring in authors for local schools.